Sony Coming Out With Detachable Disc Drive for the PS5

Some floating rumors have floated that allege that Sony has plans to redesign the hardware of the sony PS5 model that will come out next year one of the biggest changes that have been heard is a detachable disc drive according to Insider Gaming: players will be given the option to either connect a UHD Blu-ray disc drive through the USB-C port.

According to Insider Gaming's report, this new system will be sold in two versions one of which will be the Playstation 5 Gamestop Digital Edition or one with the detachable disc drive. Apart from this players will also be given the option to purchase the disc drive separately which gives them the option to either go to the physical media side later.

Claims have been made that the disc drive matches the aesthetics of the device which translates to that you can attach it to your system and it won't look out of the ordinary or some new part it will fix into place in such a manner that it will look like a part of the system. It is quite likely that this redesigning being made might also make the system lighter and smaller regardless of if you use the disc drive tabls or you prefer not to. It is expected to be released around September 2023 and Sony has allegedly ordered 18.5 million units of this new redesigned console saveway.

While this news might be shocking to some it does make sense as the gamestop PS5 Digital version is very difficult to come across so this offering of the detachable disc drive gives the users additional options which allow the users to use the device more flexibly.

The report claiming this news has a lot of speculations around it but this report has been written by the same writer that leaked the DualSense Edge hardware so the reason for not trusting this news is not seen. Even though this rumor is out there it still isn't unbelievable.