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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra review

The S22 Ultra is the Flagship new phones 2022 that came with everything the public ordered the phone tech consists of amazing craftsmanship in its design and the integrated S Pen, this mobile earns the title of being the phone tech with the superb display and fast performance, and a camera setup that is so advanced that it broke records and the built quality that could rival any big company with all these aspects added you know you're looking at a phone tech that isn't in any midrange or cheap but for the mobile buyers that require a set above the rest and want that extra mile the S22 Ultra is the only way to go.



CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 

Display: 6.8-inch 1440 x 3088 OLED @ 120Hz 

RAM: 8,12 GB 

Storage: 128, 256, 512, 1024 GB 

Battery: 5,000mAh, max 45W charging, 15W wireless 

Operating System: Android 12 with One UI 4.1 

Front camera: 40MP f/2.2, 26mm 

Rear cameras: 108 MP f/1.8 primary, 12 MP f/2.2 ultrawide, 10 MP f/2.4 3x telephoto, 10 MP f/4.9 10x telephoto, 

Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/a/6e; Bluetooth 5.2; 5G mm Wave and sub6 

Dimensions: 163.3 x 77.9 x 8.9 mm, 229 g 

Price: Starting at $1,199

To make it easier for the buyer the aspect of the pink flip phone will be divided into pros and cons.



It has Ultra-long update support which means that your phones will be working with the latest software for a long time, the camera setup is like no other along with the build quality, and the display falls into an industry leader in display quality.



This might be a big con to some people as the pink flip phone size demands it to be used by two hands apart from just one, the pink flip phone starts off with a $1000+ price tag and the box does not include the charger which is a problem that a lot of companies have started to be a part of black market iphone life storage.


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The Hardware and Design

If we compare the S22 Ultra to its predecessor the S21 Ultra we can notice a few similarities among them as the camera is located in the same position and they somewhat have the same dimensions while the real design mostly comes from the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The S22 Ultra also consists of flat caps on the bottom and the top now of the hand holding phone which grants the phone the ability to stand on its own which to some may not be that useful but it can be useful if used cleverly it can bring a whole new usage to the hand holding phone experience. The Armor Aluminium frame flushes beautifully with the glass panel like a beautiful curve running front to back. The aluminum makes a beautiful transition between materials and makes it look like a beautiful piece of hardware. 

There are minimal logos on the entire mobile the logos only comprise a Samsung logo etched in the middle of the back adding to that the pared-back frame makes the look feel more elegant. The S22 Ultra is 20g heavier than the previous Note 20 Ultra making it the heaviest best buy phones. The design of the S22 ULTRA is a minimalistic design that is appreciated by the masses. The refresh rate of the screen has gone up to 120 per second and the screen resolution is 1440 x 3088 and with a huge 6.8-inch display it makes the viewing experience unparalleled, the display on it has been one of the sharpest and smoothest displays that have been seen in a long time the screen hits up to 1,750 nits which makes it be able to use even in the brightest sunlight.


The display comprises an under-the-screen fingerprint scanner that is as same as the last year's Samsung flagship while the working behind it has been improved as the issues present in the S21 have been removed the in-display fingerprint scanner now works perfectly. The buttons located on the right side have a touch that requires some travel before they can be used which makes them feel a bit spongy the bottom of the square phone case comprises the USB-C port a set of speakers and a microphone and of course a housing for the S Pen.


The S Pen in the Galaxy S22 Ultra hasn’t changed much since where the Note was it still consists of the push ejector and the size is as same as in Note 20 the dimension is still too small to be used for a long time while it was inconvenient the S21 Ultra carry on S Pen was more usable then the S22 Ultra S Pen the pen this year has a more matte feel to it which gives more resistance to the pen while it is coming out or being inserted back in the gestures of the pen are still as they were they don’t work properly and no such apps have been developed that make use of the S Pen.

When looking at the design of the mobile another question comes in to the mind of the user is, is the s22 ultra waterproof ?

When answering to the question is the s22 ultra waterproof the company replies, the design of the hand holding phone is water resistant but not completely water proof, it means that this hand holding phone has a capability to be water resistant for sometime, which is more than durable for the vast majority users. 

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Software, Performance, and Battery

The S22 Ultra ships with the Android 12 and the One UI and various other improvements made to the apps and widgets the one big bonus is that Samsung has finally started using Google Messages in the US instead of their own app. Smart widgets automatically inform the viewer about the most important news and give them the most relevant information to them. Samsung has made no efforts in the Material You themes but it has added some new colors to the color palette you can now experience more tones. Apart from that Samsung has not improved the RAM plus which is a feature that steals your life storage to make a virtual memory but this time around at least you can use the amount of memory that you are willing to give. 

This hand holding phone isn't qualified as a note but it has all the features that one might associate with the Note the main features of the note including air commands and handwriting input and markup documents can now all be seen built-in into the S22 Ultra.


The S22 Ultras software ships with the Android 12 and Samsung has promised that the square phone case will continue to receive updates for at least five years and four major updates which make this new phones 2022 have longer update support higher than the Google Pixel. The S22 runs on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 the t mobile s22 Ultra feels surprisingly fast and responsive it can support extensive gaming like PubG or Fortnight with ease and you can even use apps in a split mode without experiencing any slowdown the only concern that has been reported by users is the wireless connectivity as on several occasions people have experienced sudden connectivity drops.


The Battery of the S22 Ultra advance 3 regularly is lasting a little over 23 Hours with six hours of usage which includes web browsing some Light gaming and video and music streaming which is quite a good deal keeping in mind the features that are being offered in the device the battery timing is quite impressive. The charging speed has been boosted up to 45W which was first introduced with the Note 10 family yet this charging speed can only be obtained if you purchase the special charging brick that Samsung sells separately.


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The Galaxy has an impressive set-up coming with five camera sensors consisting of four on the back and one on the front it contains an f/2.2 aperture and the S22 adds API support to the selfie camera. Which can be used to optimize the third-party apps the front camera makes an appearance as a punch hole unlike under the display camera which was a good decision on their part as under-display cameras have been shown to decrease the quality of the image. The camera's performance has been unrivaled like none other the 12Mp shots from the 108Mp sensor have an excellent result with excellent detail and dynamic range the colors have an amazing pop to them without being too over the top now the ultra-wide camera in the setup isn't there just for show it comes in use for multiple scenarios and provides an amazing result. In moderate lighting, the t mobile s22 Ultra advance 3 manages to keep the Shutter and the ISO under control which ends up with an astounding image unless shot in harsher low lighting conditions. Samsung has produced some amazing colors and accuracy in white balance even in the most challenging conditions.


There has also been an addition of two new optical zoom sensors this year which are both IMX754 one of which has a 3x lens and the other containing a 10x folded periscope lens these sensors are undeniably working on additional brightness and details. Samsungs image processing still needs a little more work. One issue that has been experienced is that if there is not enough light for the zoom camera to work the mobile crops the main sensor.


The zoom lenses have narrower apertures than the primary cameras hence making the shutter speed lower even in good light still these cameras are still fast enough to cope with little movements but don’t expect to be taking action shots even with the stabilization when using the Space Zoom. Which is just added by Samsung as a fancy new feature between 30x and 100x the details in which will be fuzzy but you can still get a zoom that isn't available to any other device but this year some improvement has been made on it that it has an inbuilt enhanced stability feature which can, in turn, make taking this Space zoom shots easier by the square phone case.


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Is It Worth It?

Now let's finally come to why everyone is reading this is this new device worth the $1200 is it worth buying? If someone is buying this hand holding phone isn't because they just want to buy a hand holding phone it's because they want the most premium the most top-of-the-line that they can possibly have with industry-leading update support this device no doubt is unrivaled the features offered from this are unimaginable before the release.


While some people are disappointed with the camera experience it is still quite competitive with the Google Pixel even though Pixel relies more on ease of use and the use of AI Magic, Samsung works on the other side providing you with the most advanced hardware and software for the camera providing you all the options and setting that you could possibly need. If we talk about the longevity of the device Samsung, have you covered it there as well as it is promised to receive software updates for at least 5 years? In our opinion, the S22 Ultra advance 3 is the most highly achieving and advanced piece of technology that you can get your hands on today in live storage.


So, the questions on whether to buy it or not, if you are someone that appreciates technology and looks forward to technological advancements and are looking for a device that can not only fulfill your needs but also go that extra mile for you then the answer is definitely yes.

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