samsung vs apple

Is Samsung better than Apple??

Samsung Vs Apple or perhaps Samsung VS Iphone is a term that has been around ever since Apple and Samsung have been here. There has been a constant battle to one-up each other between these two massive titans. The two titans / smartphones we will be looking at today are the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and not on there next models. After close examination and testing on both devices, it cannot be said that either is a destructive device. Yet there can still be only one winner. 

samsung vs apple

Samsung Vs Apple : Design

Design is the most important aspect of any device as that is the first thing that anyone will see and will determine whether the device will be chosen or not. Both devices feature dust and water resistance. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is made with stainless steel and glass, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is made with aluminum and glass. Even though both of these devices are pretty light to the user yet still the aluminum makes the device a little lighter, but on the other hand, the steel makes the device a bit more durable. 

Apple 13 Pro Max features 6.33x3.07x0.30 inches and weighs in at 8.46 ounces. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is 6.50x2.97x0.35, coming in at 8.07 ounces. The Galaxy can be seen as a bit taller and a bit lighter. This might lead people to believe that Samsung is better than an apple, which is a statement that cannot be decided over just this one aspect as now people aren't buying new smartphones on the aspect of the slimmest or the lightest devices, now the rush is behind the performance and the features being offered inside the devices. 

why is samsung better than apple

Samsung Vs Apple : Naming Devices

In the case of naming the devices, both companies haven't made some insane innovations. They have followed the same pattern followed by men's razor brands branding their devices with the Ultra logo, which is now being used in the tech world.

These logos used the Pro, Ultra, and Max are terms that cannot be defined whether what they translate to how are consumers used to decide which of the device comes higher. 

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Samsung Vs Apple : Software

In the case of software, both companies have their pros and cons. If we look at Android, it is super flexible. It can be installed and customized to the person's preference, and it also offers its Play Store. On the other hand, Apple software might not be that flexible or customizable, but it can be seen that it is much safer and secure. 

Samsung does have one up hand on Apple and Apple is not that concerned with it, which is the DeX Samsungs desktop experience. This allows Samsung to provide users with the desktop experience for getting their work done more easily by watching movies or even gaming by attaching a monitor or TV. 

Apart from the security issues, Android does bring a more customizable and flexible setup for the users in which the user can use different launchers to change up their phone usage, and the DeX feature makes Samsung looks strong, which also makes Samsung looks better than Apple.

Samsung Vs Apple : Updates and Security

Talking about the aspect of security, there is some debate. Most of the masses incline toward Apple in terms of security which is an aspect of Apple that is hard to ignore. Even recently, apple has been providing security updates to devices that are six years old. Samsung battling that has also ensured that all their new devices have a guarantee of having at least a 4-year security update assurance and two big android updates, which is a big improvement on Android's part, which might also lead people to say that this is why Samsung is better than Apple.

Samsung Vs Apple : Ecosystem

The ecosystem surrounding iPhone and Galaxy have a few similarities, yet Apple still has a stronger position within their ecosystem which spans from iPhone, Watch, TV, iPad, Facetime, iMessage, iCloud, Music, and TV streaming with software services and hardware all under apple control Apple also offers home kits which transform your house to a smart home.

While the Apple Ecosystem is strong, Samsung, on the other hand, has also started working and growing their ecosystems in a series of ways more diverse than apple Samsung has branched out to TVs and fridges with internet connectivity and also the Smart Things platform that was bought by Samsung a while back which keeps all these devices connected.

In this aspect of the battle, Apple does have the clear victory 

Samsung Vs Apple : Longevity

In this world, the value of longevity is decided by the Return on investment that they provide because if someone is putting about $2000 into a phone, they will want it to function perfectly for as long as it possibly can. 

iPhone will win in this aspect as Apple is still providing software updates to big phones that are now even six years old. Samsung has followed suit and has now started ensuring that the new devices will keep receiving updates for at least five years.

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Samsung Vs Apple : Calling/ Messaging

Nowadays the option for messaging platforms the options are endless for both companies, but the industry standard for messages and photo messages is highest not just by the other messaging options but since they have low cost and they are more secure than any other sources that are provided

Google and Samsung have gotten on board with RCS, yet Apple declines to follow suit, which too many people believe is because a lot of people keep coming to Apple due to the iMessage and Facetime option that is exclusive to only Apple, which sets them apart from the rest which does leave much of a disconnect between the two standard messaging and what Apple offers but soon Apple will also have to follow in suit with the RCS requirements or Samsung will soon have the upper. 

Apple vs Samsung: Hand Feel

Talking about the look and feel of the devices of both companies, it can be seen the iPhone 13 options look and feel great, and Apple also offers a much wider scale of color selection even though it doesn't have as big of an impact as most smartphones are kept inside cases, and these big phones aren't used much widely without their cases.


Samsung Vs Apple : Display

Both devices offer a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate which, even in this advancing landscape, is quite impressive. The iPhone 13 Pro Max offers a 6.7-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1248x2778, while the S21 Ultra has a 6.8-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1440x3200.

Samsung does seem to have a higher hand in this case, Aswell.

The 13 Pro Max offers Dolby Vision HDR10,1200 nits brightness, and the S21 Ultra offers HDR10+,1500 nit's brightness. In this aspect, Samsung also gets the better of Apple.

samsung better than apple

Samsung Vs Apple : Battery and Performance

The iPhone 13 is powered by the A15 bionic six-core chips while the S21 Ultra is powered by the Exynos octa-core or Snapdragon 888 processor, which translates to both the devices being quite strong, but in comparison, Samsung again takes the edge.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max offers 128/258/512GB and 1TB storage, while the S21 Ultra offers 128/256/512GB and does not offer the 1TB option. So, in this aspect, Apple wins.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has an approx. 4300mAh battery, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a massive 5000mAh battery

In this aspect, Samsung still takes the victory

Samsung Vs Apple : Resale

In this scenario, the iPhone is the clear winner. Apple holds its value way better in comparison to other devices. This company does have a reputation for their devices holding their value, unlike other devices that lose their value as soon as the box is opened.

A used Apple 12 Pro 256GB being an older model, can still go up to $600+

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Samsung Vs Apple : Who Wins

In this comparison, while we look at the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra comes out better than the iPhone 13 Pro max, even if we talk about the case of the price, you can find some amazing deals for this device as retailers are still pushing the iPhone 12 Pro Max at original price besides maybe having a better battery usage the Samsung does win.

This is why it ends up from our research that this currently makes Why Is Samsung better than Apple and hopefully it stays the same with its futures phones as well.